Grocery chain Kroger adds CBD topicals in stores across 17 states

The Kroger Co. is one of the latest retailers to introduce CBD in its stores.

The Cincinnati-based grocery store chain said that, starting this week, it will begin carrying topical products containing cannabidiol in its stores in 17 states.

The products Kroger will carry contain no THC, a spokeswoman for the retailer told The Detroit News.

Brand names were not reported, but the product prices will range in price from $3.99 to $59.99.

Kroger joins other major retailers participating in the CBD trend, including national pharmacy chains CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens, all of which came online with CBD products this spring but have limited their selection to topical products.

Sheetz, an Altoona, Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain, announced in May it would offer CBD products that include topicals, vape pens, oral pouches, capsules and pet products in 140 of its 500 locations throughout six states.

Last week, an Arizona cannabis company said it has signed a landmark agreement to bring its CBD products to more than 10,000 gas stations, convenience stores and other retail locations in the United States.

The Vitamin Shoppe was one of the first national retailers to begin carrying edible CBD softgels and liquid drops. That move went against repeated warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that CBD in food, cosmetics and dietary supplements remains illegal.

The FDA held its first public hearing on the use of CBD and other cannabis-derived products at the end of May.

Several traditional retailers also stock hemp-derived products, including Barneys, DSW, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Urban Outfitters.

Kroger trades its stock on the New York Stock Exchange as KR.

7 comments on “Grocery chain Kroger adds CBD topicals in stores across 17 states
  1. Kate Elling on

    This is a big step to getting CBD products in our local stores. Though your article did not list the states in which Kroger’s will be carrying the CBD products.

    • Thais Bury on

      Is Mich. one of the states? If so, I’m running from here … even though I use a walker and can barely move. There is a Kroger next door to me. I spend about $200 a week there. USED TO, that is.

      • Linda P Catalino on

        Why? CBD is an essential oil of a miraculous plant. Do you use olive oil? Do you use coconut oil? Hemp CBD oil is no different.

      • Kimberly on

        Spoken by a truly uninformed person. It’s NOT going to get you high. It has many medicinal properties. The US has known since the 70’s that the plant is useful. The drug companies were those that pushed for illegality because you can’t patent what Mother Nature made and it would have cut into their profits. I’ll bet you take pills prescribed by your DR which are basically poison and mask symptoms.
        You of all people should do the research especially if you are having trouble walking.
        My son has brain cancer. He’s been on CBD oil for three years. The Dr is amazed and originally said he would be dead in three years. He’s doing very well and has mostly issues from the radiation.
        Do your research!

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