Indiana House signs off on smokable hemp

The Indiana state House has overwhelmingly voted to reverse a smokable hemp ban being challenged in federal court.

A bill approved 69-28 last week would remove references to “smokable hemp” from the state’s 2019 law setting up hemp regulations. Those regulations banned the production and sale of hemp flower products.

The bill also repeals a law that requires that a hemp bud or a hemp flower be sold only to a processor licensed in Indiana.

The measure now heads to the Indiana Senate.

The Midwest Hemp Council and several businesses have challenged Indiana’s smokable hemp ban; the matter is pending in a federal court.  California and New York are currently considering smokable hemp bans.

Smokable hemp is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the hemp industry.

Analytics firm Nielsen Global Connect predicts that by 2025, the market cold to reach $300 million to $400 million, representing roughly 5% of the potential $6 billion to $7 billion hemp-derived CBD consumer products category.

Read more about the U.S. smokable hemp market in this free report, “Sector Snapshot: Opportunities & Challenges in Smokable Hemp.”

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One comment on “Indiana House signs off on smokable hemp
  1. WesternUSCA1 on

    Would any reasonable person ban non-alcoholic beer, because it’s too similar to regular beer?
    Of-course NOT.
    But his is exactly the same flawed logic that many states are unfortunately erroneously pursuing by banning smokable hemp flower products.
    I applaud those in Indiana who are progressive, innovative, forward-thinkers fighting to allow smokable hemp flower products in Indiana.
    Other states are sabotaging themselves economically and financially by banning smokable hemp flower products during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
    These regressive states need to only look at the cannabis industry for an example:
    Those states that were early to allow cannabis to be sold, have been reaping the financial benefits for some time now.
    The other states who are late to the table will benefit the least and will be only secondary players, with the smallest market share.
    The same holds true for states that ban smokable hemp flower products. Residents from these states will still order smokable hemp flower products FROM THE OTHER STATES that don’t have a ban.
    So I ask : Why not allow smokable hemp flower products in YOUR state to create more jobs, collect more tax revenue, and to allow your state’s residents to spend their money at local hemp businesses, thereby helping YOUR OWN local economies?

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