Michigan consolidates hemp and marijuana oversight under one agency

Michigan is combining the regulation of its hemp and marijuana industries in a bid to make government oversight of the two sectors more efficient and effective.

Following an executive order signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday, hemp and marijuana rules will fall under the state’s renamed Cannabis Regulatory Agency.

The order takes effect on April 13, and will involve renaming the existing Marijuana Regulatory Agency to encompass both hemp and marijuana.

The agency, which currently regulates the processing, distribution and sale of marijuana, will also oversee the processing, distribution and sale of hemp, which currently falls under the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The department will continue to regulate hemp cultivation.

“Consolidating the regulation of the processing, distribution and sale of marijuana and hemp into a single state agency will allow for more effective and efficient administration and enforcement of state laws relating to cannabis,” Whitmer said in the executive order.

Whitmer added the consolidation will help grow the economy and create jobs. Law 360 first reported news of the regulatory consolidation.

Michigan is among the few states where marijuana is legal that have passed laws to regulate hemp-derived delta-8 THC under its Marijuana Regulatory Agency.

Whitmer also signed legislation in December, making financial requirements simpler for medical and adult-use cannabis businesses by changing reporting requirements from an annual event to every three years.