New Mexico finalizes hemp rules in time for 2019 crop

New Mexico authorities have finalized hemp rules in time for farmers to produce the state’s first legal harvest in 2019.

The regulations proposed by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture were approved late last week.

New Mexico will set different hemp fees for outdoor grows versus indoor or greenhouse grows. Prospective hemp producers will have to pay:
  • $800 a year to grow hemp outside, plus an annual inspection fees of $6 per acre.
  • $900 a year for a “continuous production” license to grow hemp indoors or in a greenhouse, plus an annual inspection fee of 75 cents per 1,000 square feet.

The regulations do not include any application or processing fees.

New Mexico has no background-check requirements for potential hemp producers. The state also has no requirements that growers use certified seed varieties.

New Mexico lawmakers authorized hemp production in 2017, but Republican Gov. Susana Martinez vetoed the bill.

Her veto was overturned on procedural grounds in spring 2018, too late to see New Mexico agriculture authorities write hemp rules in time for a legal crop this year.

The New Mexico health department has said that the state’s 72 medical marijuana dispensaries can’t sell CBD products produced outside New Mexico.

The requirement does not apply to traditional retailers such as natural foods stores.

21 comments on “New Mexico finalizes hemp rules in time for 2019 crop
    • Pharmer Bob on

      Yes! defiantly consider it. crop values are the best LEAGAL thing you could grow. Beyond the regular issues of soil conditions, water availability, fencing or low wild life pressure; some crop specifics would be needed to answer your question:

      What would be the hottest 2 week period in the summer? and what would be the average high temp. in that time period ? When is your first frost?

      If there is not a strain that would be ideal for your area, it will not be long before someone selects for your conditions.

      some info could be gathered at this event I am helping organize it’s a Grassrootee, school garden fundraiser :

  1. Dale Stenberg on

    I saw that New Mexico is a go on hemp cultivation, since the governor no vote was vetoed. I would like to culticate for hemp oil and CBD oil. I also noticed that CBD can only be cultivated in New Mexico for the New Mexico market, which is advantageous. Your thoughts.

  2. Sharon Price on

    My name is Sharon. I have 20 Acer’s outside of Deming. I’m seriously thinking of getting into the Hemp growing, for CBD.
    It is and amazing product.
    I would love to have your in put.

    • Roselinda campos on

      Hey my name is Roza I just bought the same and was considering the same idea outside Deming NM as well I was reading alot about the area if you don’t mine emailing me I’d love to share thoughts and network together

      [email protected]

  3. Daniel Brannan on

    I was just offered $5000 per acre from a hemp grower to lease my land; it has water rights. Seems too good to be true to me. Anyone been offered that price?
    I guess if the nut pays me up front, I should take it??

  4. David Routt on

    I have 7.5 acres in San Juan County New Mexico and would like information on growing hemp. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    • Peter Hebda on

      Qs on good practices for hemp growing it seemed.
      My partner is in Colo and very knowledgeable, just
      left a position as chief master-grower at a clones
      and mother plants supplier in WEstern Colo.
      Hppy to put you in touch, and really , any other
      ‘newbie’ cultivators out there looking , seeking GOOD
      advice and help. His name is Marc Robinson . . .
      happy to put you in touch if you’d like. He is quite

      I know the Land of ENchantment is early in the game.
      ARe there restrictions where you have to keep your harvest
      in state to who you sell it to ? Help me there as I don’t know
      NM’s state rules . . . . I wzn’t sure.

      Peter Hebda
      [email protected]

  5. C J War on

    Can you grow hemp near a school. It has less then 3% thc so it should be ok. Is it ok with a license. What are the restrictions. Thank you

  6. Patricia Carson on

    I am wanting to grow hemp in my back yard in Santa Fe. Do I still have to pay $800 or would I pay less because of being a smaller operation. I also want to grow the low thc strain.

    • Diana Wells on

      Hi Ms. Carlson, Did you ever get a reply to your question? I would lime to grow Hemp in my back yard to curb soil erosion, but I am not sure whom to ask. Maybe my County Ag Commissioner? I have no interest in it’s commercial use, but it is a proven soil restoration crop.

  7. Chris on

    I have 100 acres north of Cuba with electric and water. Would like to get started in the hemp buisness. Please contact with help getting into the buisness thanks.. partnership?

  8. Valerie McCaffrey on

    Help celebrate New Mexico’s introductory hemp year with 35 permitted growers and some 3,00 acres! Hemp farmers and those interested in growing hemp are invited to hear New Mexico author/hemp farmer/entrepreneur Doug Fine talk at the 14th annual Mimbres Valley Harvest Festival at the San Lorenzo Elementary School on Saturday, Sept. 28 at 11 a.m. followed by Q & A and book signing of his bestseller, “Hemp Bound.” Fine will discuss genetics, cultivation, harvest and marketing options for independent farmers. He’ll talk about lessons he’s learned from four years of planting and marketing farm-to-table hemp all over the world. Fine’s social media is @organiccowboy and his website, includes updates from the field as he follows the hemp harvest around the nation and the world. Lots of handouts about hemp for growers and the general public at the festival’s ag info booth. Go to for festival info & schedule.

  9. Shirley Williamson on

    I have 5 acres outside Chaparral. No close neighbors. I would like to grow hemp. Any advice to help me get started would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  10. Llana on

    What about just growing a few hemp plants for my own personal use. I want the CBD without the THC and the amount of CBD in dispensaries is too expensive for some of us due to our medical expenses and other responsibilities. I can’t take the amount my doctors want me to take of CBD because I have my mother and two grandchildren who are my responsibilities and I will not take food from their mouths. Is it legal to grow a few hemp plants at different stages to produce enough product for myself? I just want to feel better and be the best grandma, daughter, wife and mom I can be.
    Is hemp oil as healing as CBD that has been extracted from cannabis? I know there are many spectrums.

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