North Carolina hemp farm’s 183-pound load bound for Texas seized in South Carolina

Police in South Carolina have seized a shipment of 183 pounds of cannabis, believing it to be marijuana, but a hemp distributor said the product is hemp.

Glen McDonald, a distributor from Texas, said he paid $20,000-$30,000 for 70 to 100 pounds of hemp from Bio Lab Global, a hemp farm based in Charlotte, North Carolina

Samples from the cannabis shipment that was taken into custody by police in Wellford, South Carolina, were sent to the state’s law enforcement agency, according to Greenville, South Carolina, TV station WYFF.

If the samples test within the legal 0.3% THC limit, the distributor will have up to 30 days to claim the product, the police said.

“We do not want to withhold anything that’s legal from anybody,” Wellford Police Chief David Green said.

“But the way it’s packaged and the way the investigation has gone up to this point, we wanted to do our due diligence in making sure that it is what it’s said to be.”

The drivers transporting the product are not currently facing charges.

Austin Diggs, president of Bio Lab Global, told the TV station that the company is a licensed cultivator, processor and distributor of hemp and CBD products in North Carolina.

He expressed frustration with continued police action with hemp shipments despite the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recent publication of the interim final rule for hemp production instructing that hemp can be legally transported across state lines.

More details about the case are available here.

3 comments on “North Carolina hemp farm’s 183-pound load bound for Texas seized in South Carolina
  1. Frank Thomas on

    To Funny
    With Meth & Crack labs sprinkled through out S.C. , Human Trafficking Rampant , Credit Card Fraud even at gas pumps , Social Security Criminals Scamming Seniors , Bank Robbery’s even Murders happening, Oh lets not forget the Home made stills in the Hills 180 proof !!.. Barney Five got the big one !!!! 183 lbs of Certified by the State Hemp Flower !! from a Certified Seller !!! Even in May berry It does not take weeks to determine the difference from a Hemp Bud and good ole Mary Jane. Even if the final test exceeds the .03 THC is this where we want law enforcement resources spending time and money. ????? There is already 27 States where Marijuana is legal or becoming legal,, Hemp is Legal Nation wide. Polling shows 75% of america is for Marijuana legalization. 2020 will bring big changes as it is on many ballots. Folks this is sad,, it is no secret and now Medically proven that Cannabis products have great medical value to many health problems. Harassing Farmers and Distributors should have consequences !!!!!!!! Law enforcement needs to weigh their priority’s,,, do they want to protect and help save life’s from real existing danger’s or chase legal business men and hinder medical progress.???
    ANSWER — Busting Legal businessmen trading in high dollar commodity’s is far more glamorous headlines , Barney Five gets his name in the paper , Sheriff Andy gets notoriety possibly run for D.A. in Mayberry next year as tough on crime , there is absolutely no risk of personal danger or retribution in making the bust , and the Grand Prize !! possibility of a seizure of assets should the product be a point or 2 off the legal limit of THC ,Maybe even some County jail time for the unwitting co conspirators who will end up washing the Sheriffs car . This is a travesty for something that was declared legal by the U.S. Gov. !! People need to stand up and make this case a line in the sand !!!! Farmers need new commodity’s to stay in business , Humans need every bit medical Technology Available to stay Healthy . Law enforcement needs to be educated and fight real crime including big PHARMA and put something on the line to get publicity !!! We need to stop the War on Natural Medication and Medical Health in General.
    Concerned American

    • Nick G on

      First of all it’s Barney Fife not Five. But that’s not the issue. Marijuana is still illegal in the United States despite what individual states choose to pass and enforce. Also the quoted statistic of 75% of America is for legalization is a complete exaggeration. The numbers are no where near that. Most everywhere where it is voted in is only by narrow margins and that is because most voters don’t address it as they don’t feel educated enough to have an opinion. Law enforcement cannot be expected to turn a blind eye when a potential crime is present no matter how frivolous it may seem. They are only doing their job and we should expect nothing less. But I agree, if they are spending valuable resources seeking out the transportation of Hemp across state lines, then it is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. The answer lies in education, legislation, and technology. We need to anticipate and adjust to the current practices and laws so we can progressively move forward with the needs of the people. But lets also face the facts. Its mom and pop shops currently producing most of the CBD product in the US. This big pharma you speak of will inevitably dominate the industry and you will be giving them your money once again.

    • Stymie on

      You are way off base. I am friends with one of the officers involved in this and asked him about it after the news story ran locally.

      Here are some details of how it went down. The dude in TX paid a college student $800 to drive to NC to pick up this “hemp”. The college student paid a friend $100 to ride with him. The guy in TX gave them an unknown amount of cash wrapped in plastic bricks. They picked up an unknown amount of “hemp”. When contacted, the guy in TX could not provide the exact amount of money he paid, nor the exact amount of product he purchased. The guys transporting the “hemp” BROKE A TRAFFIC LAW driving through Wellford, SC which is why they were pulled over in the first place. Officers found 183 lbs of “hemp” packaged in buckets in their vehicle, approximately 10% of which was rolled into cigarettes. They had no paperwork. SLED typically takes up to six months to process a drug test but in this case rushed it. The “hemp” that was in the cigarettes tested legal but the 90% that was packaged in buckets tested out at 0.9% THC which is three times the LEGAL LIMIT and by law is supposed to be destroyed.

      BY LAW, these two college kids could have been arrested for drug trafficking. The officers did not believe that they knew what they were doing and released them with no charges. The guy in TX was offered the chance to come pick up his “hemp” himself but refused so it will be incinerated. The entire ordeal is on tape and when the investigation is over will show that they were treated well and not “traumatized” like the guy in TX claimed when contacted…the officers involved even offered to take them out to eat.

      My friend said the problem is that the FDA regulates things like how dog food is packaged yet they have no standard regulations in place for how something that requires a chemical test to differentiate it from an illegal substance should be packaged, labeled, and transported. There were several failures in this scenario, but NONE of them were by law enforcement. The police did not cause the driver to break the law. They did not package something identical to an illegal substance dubiously and transport it. They did not make the laws. They in fact had to waste their time with something like this ranther than “real crime” because of those failures by others.

      Get a clue. And people wonder why there is a shortage of people wanting to be police officers.

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