Overheard at HIDC: CBD, CBN ‘are coming in a big way’

CBD first captured the attention of cannabis consumers, but other cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBN, may be ready to make a splash soon.

That’s according to Blake Patterson, co-founder and CEO of MarketHub Retail Services, who took audience questions during at roundtable Wednesday at the Hemp Industry Daily Conference Direct.

“CBD is just the baseline for the cannabinoid profile. I think that as more and more research is done and allowed to be done and published, CBG and CBN are coming in a big way,” Patterson said.

CBG and CBN are part of a group of novel or minor cannabinoids, which also include CBD-V and others. Like CBD, minor cannabinoids are nonintoxicating and can be used in topicals, edibles, beverages and even smokable flower.

Patterson said CBD is part of an education process that starts with CBD, “but then it drifts off into really the cannabis plant and what that’s good for.”

“And I think we’re in a time when self-care and self-help, especially within the past three months, are taking on a life of their own.”

Patterson said the first thing that needs to happen to open the door for CBG and CBN is for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to take the position of allowing CBD ingestibles.

Patterson said CBG and CBN are “just going to make the CBD more powerful, if not overtake it,” leading to new products.