Smokable hemp possession or sale in Iowa punishable with fines, jail in state’s new hemp and CBD regulations

New regulations clarifying the types of hemp and CBD products that are legal to sell and purchase in Iowa took effect with the enactment of the Hemp Consumer and Public Safety law on Wednesday.

The law changes certain provisions of the Iowa Hemp Act, which Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed to legalize hemp production in the state in May 2019.

Until now, products containing CBD were illegal to be sold or purchased over the counter in Iowa, as CBD still qualified as a controlled substance in the state.

CBD could only legally be sold in a small number of approved pharmacies.

Smokable hemp remains illegal in Iowa and the new rules impose penalties and restrictions on any harvested hemp used for inhalation such as cigarettes, vaporizers and others.

Retailers caught selling smokable hemp products and consumers found using them could face “a serious misdemeanor” punishable by up to a year of confinement and a fine of $315-$1,875.

The new rules:

  • Regulate hemp as a commodity.
  • Define a consumable hemp product as one that is metabolized or subject to a “biotransformative process” when introduced into the human body.
  • Expressly prohibit possession, use and all manufacturing, marketing, transportation, delivery or distribution of all smokable or inhalable hemp products.
  • Allow hemp-derived products that are manufactured in Iowa and comply with state packaging and labeling requirements to be sold and consumed.
  • Allow importation of consumable hemp only if the source originates within a state or jurisdiction that has a state or tribal plan approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and has testing requirements “substantially similar” to Iowa’s.
  • Require manufacturers and retailers to register with the state for a license through the Department of Inspection and Appeals.

Iowa’s hemp production plan was among the first USDA-approved state plans in March under the federal agency’s interim final rule.

The Iowa Hemp Act was not implemented until after it received USDA approval.

11 comments on “Smokable hemp possession or sale in Iowa punishable with fines, jail in state’s new hemp and CBD regulations
  1. cannabidiol on

    This is the perfect webpage for anybody who really wants to understand this topic.
    You know a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not
    that I personally will need to?HaHa). Yoou certainly put a brnd new spin on a subject which has been discussed for ages.
    Wonderful stuff, just excellent!

  2. Charles on

    It’s very disheartening and sad to see the continuation of prohibition of smokable hemp flower. Sadly, nothing has changed in Iowa and other states that have these backwards and outdated laws/regulations. People will continue to be arrested, prosecuted, and fined. This is just the same old misguided continuation of smokable hemp prohibition.
    Regulators are stubborn greedy old mules that refuse to stop taking our money through one of the most common, non-violent, petty “crimes.”
    Make no mistake about it : THIS IS ABOUT THEM CONTINUING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY, and making money from your incarceration and “diversion” program fees.
    It’s always about the money.
    Hemp is FEDERALLY LEGAL. It is a commodity crop. It does NOT have enough THC to get you high. We should be allowed to smoke the flower, if we so choose to.

    • S.R. Smith on

      You are absolutely correct! Somebody lobbies for these laws and those somebodies have very deep pockets(tobacco Industry).

    • Joshua Dolezal on

      Not in Oklahoma. Our Government got it RIGHT! I am sorry for whomever lives in Iowa and may be in need of this lifesaving plant!

  3. Pat Jack on

    New hemp law recently authored and whipped through the Louisiana Legislature by our legislature’s new Speaker of The House, Shexnayder, (who wrote and led the writing of all of our hemp law in Louisiana), provides for criminal penalties as civil fines, and of course there is the peril and hassle of getting “busted” for hemp “plant part (any)” by any level of policing organization in Louisiana when in possession of hemp flower or any part of the plant, (viable or non-viable), without the licensing offered by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, (and perhaps even if you have a hemp license “by mistake”).

    Even though it is purported that the Commissioner of Louisiana’s Office of Alcohol and Tobacco control recently visited one of the largest filter-tipped-flower #SmokableHempFlower production facilities in the US on some kind of mission, at the height of the infection rate vector for coronavirus, the undercurrents in politics and business have allied together in Louisiana to make the possession of flower and the retail sales of flower legally, and criminally perilous.

    However, this law does make hemp ROLLING papers legal, and does so in clear and unambiguous language, a backhanded love tap from the powers that be. While any form of hemp or hemp derived product prepared or manufactured for inhalation is illegal under Louisiana law, hemp rolling papers for the tobacco industry are a big GO! Tobacco and ancillary lobbies win this one.

    Link to our new hemp law, amendment, striking of old law, and new law. This document is hosted on a Louisiana State information technology system here:

  4. Dave on

    Wow, I thought North Carolina was way backwards in almost all aspects of politics concerning hemp. But Iowa reaches new heights of stone age backwards mentality. Who voted these people in? It sounds like a prison living under such arcane and medieval laws. When are people going to start acting like they have some education and knowledge about cannabis? I say if they oppose hemp (and even cannabis) they should be prohibited from consuming any type of alcohol, and Ill bet they will be rushing to legalize all forms of cannabis if that was to happen.

  5. Ray on

    Ha ha ha I smoke hemp all weekend long in New York State. As a free American I’m glad to have that freedom, too bad Iowans still want to be told what they can and can’t do with their bodies. Keep smoking tobacco and sucking on the Teet of big pharma, you’ll al be dead soon.

    • Kim Reynolds is a fucking joke on

      Yes because living in Iowa means that I want to be handheld through any personal decision I make when it comes to my own body. I think that the majority of Iowans in the bigger cities don’t at all agree with these backwards ass laws. But that’s okay, keep blanketing all of us as that is surely what we want.

  6. Mark Hancock on

    The state of Iowa is way behind other states are making alot of revenue off of the smokeable hemp Iowa would make a lot more revenue if they would legalize smokeable hemp more than the fines and incarcerateing people it should be up to the legal age person who so chooses to do so people are still gonna use smokeable hemp whether it’s legal or not Iowa ledgelaters are idiots

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