South Carolina law enforcement cracks down on smokable hemp

In the latest blow dealt to the burgeoning smokable hemp flower market in the Southeast United States, South Carolina law enforcement officials are requiring retailers across the state to pull raw, unprocessed hemp products from their store shelves.

The action comes after an opinion handed down from the State Attorney General’s office on July 10 interpreted language in the South Carolina Farming Act of 2019 as saying that smokable hemp falls under the definition of raw, unprocessed hemp.

The opinion, according to Greenville TV station WYFF, states that “the statute makes it clear that the mere possession of raw, unprocessed hemp or hemp not in a finished product without a license is unlawful.”

The move is causing uncertainty for hemp businesses across South Carolina as smokable hemp has become one of the most popular and lucrative hemp products.

Law enforcement officials in other states, including neighboring North Carolina, have pushed for bans on smokable hemp flower, claiming the product is too hard to distinguish from marijuana and hinders drug arrests where recreational MJ remains illegal.

4 comments on “South Carolina law enforcement cracks down on smokable hemp
  1. Ray on

    Watch how quickly the citizens of South Carolina lose their hemp rights to an over aggressive law enforcement because of an interpretation of the South Carolina Farmers of Act of 2019. Sounds to me like lawmakers need to go back to work and make an amendment to protect their constituents and unprocessed hemp. Maybe they should talk to Mitch and use his hemp pen?

  2. Garrett N. on

    South Carolina is a dilapidated, backwards sh1thole. Everything there is falling apart, especially the roads; the state’s “law enforcement” agency is in the business of making laws rather than enforcing them, which is ironically against the law; and the people of the state do *nothing* to stop any of this tyranny. The hemp industry and eventually legalized cannabis could turn South Carolina into a profitable, first-world state for a change. But as long as SLED is in charge of everything, the state will continue to be a cesspool of poverty, opioid and meth abuse, and corruption.

  3. Bettyg on

    We live in the most advanced society in the world. How, with state-of-the-art technology at our fingertips, have we not been able to create a simple test that will distinguish THC marijuana from CBD hemp? I can buy a drug test kit to use at home, why can’t someone create something for law enforcement to use instead of just throwing up their hands and admitting defeat?!?

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