North Carolina lawmakers vote to delay smokable hemp ban

Another set of policymakers in North Carolina has signed off on banning smokable hemp until December 2020 in hopes that tests will be developed by then to distinguish the plant from marijuana.

The state House Judiciary Committee voted to approve the original measure passed by the Senate, which would make smokable hemp legal until December 2020, allowing time for the differentiation of hemp from marijuana and for the hemp industry to work with law enforcement to develop a compromise.

Earlier this month, the House Agriculture Committee approved a measure to ban smokable hemp by December.

Last week, the House Finance Committee approved another measure to criminalize smokable hemp and classify it as marijuana.

House Agriculture chair Jimmy Dixon, who had pushed for the earlier ban on smokable hemp and championed the measure to criminalize the product, changed his position, Raleigh TV station WRAL reported

He instead encouraged the House Judiciary Committee to continue to differentiate smokable hemp from marijuana and vote in favor of the Senate version of the bill, which would delay the ban until next year.

North Carolina’s Bureau of Investigation is pushing for the ban, saying it is difficult for law enforcement to discern smokable hemp from marijuana.

Hemp industry members testified in the Judiciary Committee hearing that the earlier ban would devastate hemp farms producing smokable hemp flower.

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6 comments on “North Carolina lawmakers vote to delay smokable hemp ban
  1. HUNT Ward on

    Special thanks goes out to Rep Steve Ross and Senator Gunn for standing up for the Hemp Industry in NC. The proposed house version also included criminalizing all ingestible CBD products . This would have devastated the retail/wholesalers of cbd products as well as the farmers.

    N.C. is poised to be a top 3 Hemp producing state if we legislate properly.

    Hunt Ward

  2. Charlie on

    This is a clear overreach by law enforcement. We should be progressive and not regressive with this issue. This is prohibition 2.0 in a different form.
    Cannabis smoking should be allowed in all states, then law enforcement would not have an issue distinguishing between smoking hemp and cannabis. Besides all law enforcement cares about is profiting from the continued prohibition of cannabis in some states. They profit from convictions and fines of cannabis possession and smoking, which is an unjust and outdated policy.

  3. John McEverett, Etowah Greenhouse on

    This needs to be looked at very carefully and seriously when voting. As a native and resident of NC as well as a licensed Industrial Hemp grower who has invested heavily in a modern plant tissue culture laboratory and greenhouse to produce quality hemp clones it makes me wonder if I should have taken my technology and job opportunities to another state. We have a very good and dedicated Industrial Hemp Commission in NC that we can be proud of but now politicians and special interest groups seem to want to get involved and in the way of progress and freedom. I do applaud the common sense that may prevail in time and appreciate the moratorium however short on this but it still leaves the industry in a very precarious position. I can imagine that more progressive states are laughing at us and will take advantage of NC politicians wanting to go backward rather than forward.

  4. Barbara King on

    What does it matter Hemp and Cannabis are natural products, why should anyone care.

    Except big Pharma. they can’t stand it.

  5. Barbara King on

    There is nothing wrong with hemp, and cannabis, you do not die from these products, Opioids
    kill, It’s big pharma holding this back.( too bad)

    It’s coming to all states.

    Thanks for the good article.

  6. Kevin P Wood on

    This is so stupid the bill to stop cannabis use and growing hemp took ninety seconds in congress the first time they outlawed hemp using a lie to past it. Now the cannot tell the difference in the CBD and the THC varieties. Now you will send it back underground but I have heard people are sell the CBD hemp for THC pot on the street. Also Supreme Court has ruled in another state that outlawing this is unconstutional.


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