Texas smokable hemp ban takes effect next week

Officials in Texas have certified that the code banning the retail sale and distribution of smokable hemp products has been approved and becomes effective Aug. 2.

The disputed measure, part of a larger hemp law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott last summer, enforces a ban on the manufacture, processing, distribution, or retail sale of consumable hemp products for smoking.

According to a notice posted Friday from Barbara Klein, general counsel for the Texas Department of State Health Services, legal counsel reviewed the adoption of the ban and “found it to be a valid exercise of the agency’s legal authority.”

The rule was passed despite thousands of industry members expressing opposition to the measure.

The Texas Hemp Industries Association last month asked the state health department to change the proposed rule banning smokable hemp sales, saying it goes beyond state and federal statutes, is an unfunded mandate and is unenforceable.

20 comments on “Texas smokable hemp ban takes effect next week
  1. Brian Ankner on

    Yes let’s ban smoking hemp but not cigarettes…..obviously, someone got paid a shitload to write this bill, another case of the politicians fuc*ing the people, Texans need to stand up to this bullshit

  2. Alex Reyes on

    I work for a small company that specializes in selling hemp and CBD products. This ban is not only a setback for our business, but a step backwards in the fight for hemp being used as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical medications. The fact that our patients can no longer rely on the rapid delivery of CBD and other cannabinoids via smoking/vaping is detrimental to their well being. Many digestable hemp based products can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to take effect while smoking takes mere seconds. I can only hope that the state of Texas gets its act together and legalizes marijuana sooner than later. This state could not only profit on a grand scale from legalization, but so many people in need of holistic healing and medication would benefit in an unprecedented way. The unfortunate truth is that Texas is a state of hard nosed conservatives that would rather funnel money into incarcerating “criminals” and promoting corrupt officials.

    • John on

      I agree wholeheartedly. I have a disease that paralyzed the muscles of my stomach and causes me constant nausea. CBD was the only thing that helped to control it without making me unable to work. What am I supposed to do niw?

  3. Roxanna on

    So does this only apply to flower? I know there’s hemp wraps and all? Sorry I’m still new to this really sad to hear the news

  4. Toker on

    It really Texas first legal hemp harvest this year and it states we have to make the hemp into oil and can’t be sold into flower so we have to get flower from out of state DSHS is checking in state oil for metals where does the confusion come from if any on actually read the rules you could easily find out bunch of confusing miss leading hate from where

  5. Toker on

    If you want to push for farmers in Texas can sell whole flower that would make more sense as a goal to move forward not some confusion come on people

  6. Toker on

    Really all you are doing is thinking the worse with out knowing all the facts it seems clear is restated what they said before about Texas grown hemp can’t be sold into flower to bad we have to many in smart cannabis people around it not good to think the worse and not knowing the facts

  7. Nick on

    And just like that, my once flourishing hemp business has ground to a halt. Thanks Texas; if I wanted my business shut down by Draconian legislation that goes against federal law, I’d move to a blue state. Looks like that may be my only choice, now.

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