US Senate confirms Hahn as new head of FDA

The U.S. Senate has confirmed a cancer specialist from Texas to lead the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr. Stephen Hahn was confirmed Thursday. He replaces Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Hahn hasn’t said how he believes cannabis extracts such as CBD should be regulated, though he said at his confirmation hearing that he wants to see more research to answer “open and unanswered questions” about cannabinoids.

The FDA’s current stance is that CBD is an active drug ingredient and can’t be added to foods and dietary supplements outside pharmaceutical channels.

But the agency acknowledges that unauthorized CBD products are commonly sold and has asked for additional research on CBD safety and efficacy. That review is ongoing.

During his confirmation hearing, Hahn did not say how he would approach the agency’s CBD review.

He concluded, however, that he’s a “huge supporter of getting research and clarity and transparency around the processes to allow us to get the medical products to patients.”

One comment on “US Senate confirms Hahn as new head of FDA
  1. Bonnie Weaver on

    I hope Hahn applies his same “huge support of getting research and clarity and transparency” to ALL ingredients, including chemical fertilizers and pesticides, et…..that go into our food system. The head of FDA should not only be concerned with what is added to our food after it is grown but how it is grown as well. If we produced high density nutrient rich foods we would not need near the amount of pharmaceuticals that we currently have in use today.

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