Virginia lawmakers OK bill allowing smokable hemp for anyone 21 and older

Virginia lawmakers have sent Gov. Ralph Northam a proposal allowing people 21 and older to smoke hemp.

The bill, sponsored by Republican Delegate Danny Marshall, passed both chambers of the Legislature on Monday.

Growing and cultivating hemp is legal under federal law, and farmers in Marshall’s district have embraced the new crop.

But the Danville lawmaker told the Virginia Mercury that he wanted to make it clear that it’s legal to smoke hemp, which looks and smells like marijuana but contains only a trace amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient.

As an example of the confusion, Marshall noted a local sheriff’s race where one candidate is accusing his opponent of not enforcing state law because hemp flower is sold in specialty stores and gas stations.

Hemp products are sought for the CBD content, which is thought to relieve anxiety, seizures and other ailments without the intoxicating effects of marijuana.

Smokable hemp products are increasingly popular, though some states have tried to ban them.

Neighboring North Carolina, for example, is considering a ban on smokable hemp production that would take effect later this year.

2 comments on “Virginia lawmakers OK bill allowing smokable hemp for anyone 21 and older
  1. Chris okano on

    Of course they did because it’s like drinking beer with no alcohol in it. More pseudo pacification for the multitudes crying for justice and freedom. This whole thing about government having control of what we consume is total injustice and a violation of God given liberties. How everyone tolerates the same domination the British pulled on us in the 1770s I dont understand. Overthrow the bastards and take your rights and freedom back. Right now they are handing us KY jelly.

  2. Richard Strouse on

    Hemp smoking provides immediate relief of arthritis pain, anxiety and in some people migraines. For me it assisted me in controlling my drinking and ultimately quiting the consumption of alcohol.

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