Welcome to Hemp Industry Daily

, Welcome to Hemp Industry Daily

Kristen Nichols is the editor of Hemp Industry Daily.

Sometimes you have to take a step back to see the whole picture. And when you do, you see a whole new image.

Welcome to Hemp Industry Daily, a business news service from the publishers of Marijuana Business Daily.  Marijuana is a variety of hemp that gets enormous public attention because its flowers become intoxicating when heated. But hemp has thousands of other uses, and varieties that bear little resemblance to marijuana.

Hemp has long been bedeviled by its conflation with marijuana, and the mix-up bears out in the media. Whenever hemp is mentioned in general-interest newspapers, the variety that produces marijuana inevitably gets mentioned, too.

And publications that cater to marijuana and hemp entrepreneurs frequently mix journalism with advocacy and appeals to invest in the booming new industry.

I’ve covered the cannabis industry for almost 10 years and have a deep background covering agriculture before that. I like to say that the hemp industry is like the early days of legal marijuana. There’s a lot of confusion about what is legal and a lot of folks whose passion for the plant blinds them to political and market realities.

Some farmers don’t know a lot about hemp, and some hemp entrepreneurs don’t know a lot about farming. The “hempsters” roll their eyes at farmers afraid to try a plant associated with an illegal drug, and traditional farmers roll their eyes at hemp activists who spout nonsense like how the plant doesn’t need pesticides.

(Side note: No plant needs pesticides! All plants will grow if they get proper nutrition and climate conditions. But pesticides can dramatically increase market yields and are coming to a large-scale hemp industry, like it or not.)

We’ve created the first hemp news service for those of us who want to see the whole picture. Hemp can produce mind-altering drugs but also workaday products like upholstery.

The hemp industry needs objective coverage and market analysis of both, from a source that doesn’t run from marijuana nor pretend that hemp isn’t a bigger and more diverse crop with uses far beyond THC.

We’ll provide exclusive coverage of this new and emerging market. From the fiber fields in China and Romania where hemp grows nearly 20 feet tall to the greenhouses and biotech labs where botanists nurture tiny seedlings in sterile conditions, Hemp Industry Daily looks at the whole picture of the how the Cannabis sativa plant has commercial applications.

You’ll still read about hemp and CBD on Marijuana Business Daily and Marijuana Business Magazine. And when it makes sense for hemp entrepreneurs and activists to follow marijuana news, you might find those stories here.

But for hemp producers and retailers looking for in-depth analysis of market trends and conditions specific to non-marijuana varieties of the plant, Hemp Industry Daily is the first publication to deliver objective and market-driven coverage of where the industry is headed.

The global hemp industry is just starting to shake the perception that hemp is valuable only when it produces THC. Take a step back with Hemp Industry Daily for help understanding the rest of the picture.

4 comments on “Welcome to Hemp Industry Daily
  1. Kathleen Whitburn on

    Thank you for your efforts in educating and sharing unbiased information for those who don’t understand the relationship and value of both.

  2. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Many thanks to you, Ms. Kristen Nichols, for your noble reporting efforts thus far and especially for your stewardship of this promising new venture. Ms. Cassandra Farrington, Mr. Chris Walsh and everyone else at Marijuana Business Daily have created one of the most consistent and reliable sources of cannabis news, which I check daily for updates. This is definitely an exciting time to differentiate, much like cannabis plants naturally do themselves. 🙂

    I was awestruck by the immeasurable economic value of both cannabis plant types 20 years ago. I saw it the moment I started reading through the 1998 edition of Jack Herer’s monumental work, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.”

    If, as you say, “Hemp Industry Daily looks at the whole picture of the how the Cannabis sativa plant has commercial applications,” I suppose the commerce you cover will fall into four distinct economic sectors: manufacturing, medicine, nutrition and adult recreation.

    The key thing to remember, it seems, is that in scientific terms Cannabis sativa is among the “dioecious” species, having pollinator male and seed-bearing female flowers on separate plants. When farmers put both types together in fields, allowing the females to bear seeds, that = “industrial hemp.” Industrial hemp yields fibers, leaves, pulp and seeds that can supply all four economic sectors. When specialized growers isolate the females to grow them seedless, that = “marihuana,” the fraudulent legal term adopted in 1937 by the U.S. Congress (for the benefit of giant chemical, pharmaceutical and other corporations). Seedless female flowers/leaves mainly supply the medical and adult use sectors.

    There are many reasons why Thomas Jefferson saw the promise of cannabis plants, too, famously writing that they are “of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.” Jefferson was dead wrong about slavery, yet he was 100 percent right about cannabis, as being essential to the commercial vitality of our republic. Extracts of cannabis flowers (oils) were already used for more than 90 years as medicine in America, so commonly that they were published in the official list consulted by doctors (aka the U.S. pharmacopoeia). It’s way past the time when federal and state lawmakers should’ve repealed their despicable anti-“marihuana” policies, and let true cannabis freedom ring again.

  3. Michael Ogburn on

    We are getting ready to announce the results of pre-clinical trials on a pulmonary delivery system using CBD as a preventative of COVID 19. We have been studying COVID 2, MERS, SARS and influenza and the prevention of viral infections from reproducing in the lungs.

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