When cannabis isn’t cannabis – and why hemp may suffer for it

California cannabis law, When cannabis isn’t cannabis – and why hemp may suffer for it

(This is an abridged version of a column that appears in the October issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

How’s this for irony? The hemp industry’s rush to distance itself from marijuana has gone so far that hemp products can’t be sold in the world’s largest cannabis economy.

The development in California is a bitter lesson in being careful what you wish for.

A state agency put the hemp industry in panic mode this summer by ruling that CBD could not come from hemp, only from cannabis.

Confused? Hemp, after all, is cannabis sativa L.

But legally, hemp is not cannabis in California.

That state specifically removed “industrial hemp” from its definition of cannabis, meaning that cannabis plants with THC content below 0.3% aren’t included – and don’t get to be a part of that multibillion-dollar market.

California’s stance underscores the importance of paying attention to state and local regulators.

Click here to read more about California’s position on cannabis – and why it matters even outside the Golden State.

4 comments on “When cannabis isn’t cannabis – and why hemp may suffer for it
  1. Melissa on

    We can’t grow hemp here in California but it doesn’t mean we can’t buy hemp derived CBD from other legal states like Oregon and Colorado.

  2. Ray on

    The main reason that cannabis laws don’t make sense is because the laws are based on racism and not health science. Duh…

    “CBD works for me!”

    No more pharmaceutical opiates, lyrica, or cymbalta. It’s called “self preservation”, google it.

  3. The European on

    There is no hemp and cannabis without THC levels…! So the Canadians say 0,03 less THC is allowed in Hemp… Is there a strain with high levels CBD and no THC ? Nope.. so that level from the Canadians is almost impossible…. This is a unknown always issue

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