CBD raids spread to Alabama as officials seize gummies over THC concerns

Police seized boxes of CBD-infused gummy bears from an Alabama company that distributes products to convenience stores after receiving complaints the candies may contain THC.

Authorities are testing several boxes of gummies taken Friday from American Wholesale Distributors, according to Birmingham TV station WBMA.

A representative from the distribution company told WBMA the products contain only legal CBD.

No criminal charges have been filed, pending lab review of the candies, which weren’t identified by brand name.

American Wholesale Distributors says the gummies were destined for convenience stores.

Authorities told WBMA that the retailers likely won’t face charges.

Cannabidiol’s vague legal status has led to sporadic police seizures across the country.

Just last month, 23 stores in Tennessee were padlocked by police for selling CBD products.

But the stores were ordered reopened and criminal charges against 19 store owners were dropped after a judge concluded that it’s not clear whether cannabidiol products are illegal.

Alabama law limits CBD possession to certain medical patients, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration considers CBD a Schedule 1 narcotic.

But federal legislation authorizing hemp production appears to allow nationwide sale of products derived from hemp.

The confusion is the subject of a pending lawsuit awaiting a decision in federal appeals court.

3 comments on “CBD raids spread to Alabama as officials seize gummies over THC concerns
  1. Moah on

    Seriously? Grown men and women have nothing better to do than chase after thc?! Who cares?! Meanwhile our politicians are are perverts, theives, and colluding with foreign governments and law enforcement is ignoring that and pursuing candy? That is why so many of us have so little respect for the govt. what a pathetic joke?


    The DEA needs to work on the heroin, cocaine, meth esp heroin crisis they created! All you see is doctors and who the heck really writes RX anymore – i got cancer and when it came back they pulled me off pain pills?? The DEA needs to hit them streets ..in AL we have nothing: no kratom, no opiates, no marijuana legal so we need no DEA coming here. Well wasn’t going to leave me suffering cancer death …marijuana now legal in my home! They need get the f*ck on out Alabama…they done raided enough med grade weed coming in, I got so re-sick almost lost my battle twice – they don’t care it’s peoples lives…it’s never killed anyone! However, they have especially with their scheduling?? And CBD oil – PATHETIC!

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