Tennessee raids shutter 23 stores for selling CBD products

Local authorities raided and padlocked 23 stores in the Nashville suburbs Monday because they sold CBD products.

Indictments were levied against 21 people who were selling “a candy that resembled Gummie Bears with CBD,” Nashville TV station WSMV reported.

In explaining the raid, Rutherford County Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh said that cannabidiol is “an illegal drug” and CBD is “a derivative of marijuana,” according to WSMV.

Tennessee allows hemp production for CBD extraction and has 23 state-licensed CBD producers.

But according to WSMV, Rutherford County District Attorney Jennings Jones said, “If you are selling (CBD) without a prescription or you’re not a pharmacy selling it to someone with a prescription for it, you’ve broken the law.”

The stores, mostly tobacco shops, were raided by local authorities after undercover officers purchased the products.

Authorities did not immediately identify the people facing criminal charges or what they are charged with.

Joe Kirkpatrick, president of the Tennessee Hemp Industries Association, said the businesses will be cleared of wrongdoing.

“The law is very clear that an ingestible or topical industrial hemp derived products are legal as long as the product contains less than 0.3% THC,” Kirkpatrick said in a statement provided to WSMV.

Confusion over CBD’s legality has resulted in sporadic store raids and arrests from Indiana to North Dakota.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has said that CBD is an illegal drug; Congress has seemingly contradicted that claim by legalizing hemp products in 2014.

A lawsuit to settle the matter will be argued Thursday in federal appeals court.

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9 comments on “Tennessee raids shutter 23 stores for selling CBD products
    • Maggie on

      John Stauffer If a few of them would suffer with some real health problem, they might understand. Tn law makers are acting a little stupid and they just had the chance to make the medical part legal but didn’t. I have even thought of moving cause of my severe neurology pain that they can’t get under control.

  1. r norcross on

    and now the tax payers will have to flip the bill for the multi million dollar law suits take it out of the agencies that were involved budget

  2. Adam McCarthy on

    Law enforcement is overall ignorant about the difference between CBD and THC producing strains. Best to keep copies of of the law in your state and certificates of origen and THC testing on hand just as you would chemical safety sheets. Post them LARGE near your products. And sue for wrongful prosecution, lost business, etc etc.

  3. Thelma Howell on

    All of us who live in TN should call these sheriffs and lawyers to educate them. I’m ashamed to live in TN. Our state also has an involuntary blood draw law. Really…….

  4. Gloria Anderson on

    Firsthand, CBD is LEGAL under the 2014 Farm Bill, and reinforced in 2016 Farm Bill

    Secondly, the stores that were raided certainly were not selling to Children. If an adult purchased CBD products- it is THEIR responsibility to keep it out of the Children’s reach- although it won’t hurt them anyway.

    And, lastly- the Judge must be an imbecile if he is not aware of the law, before he issues orders to raid businesses.

    No wonder people are leaving Tennessee, and there will be more leaving. Just stupid.

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