Health Canada readies next steps for ‘cannabis health products’

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Canada’s federal health regulator is reviewing the potential market for cannabis health products that would not require physician oversight, a review that attracted strong interest from hemp and marijuana producers interested in the potential new category.

Any new regulations would fill a gap in the current Canadian market.

Right now, Canada does not provide a legal pathway to market for a cannabis product that makes a health claim and could be sold without a doctor’s authorization.

Current rules prohibit the use of cannabis, either marijuana or hemp, in natural health products and veterinary health products.

Under the proposed new rules, provinces and territories would have the ability to authorize where cannabis health products could be sold, potentially including at pharmacies, veterinary clinics and pet stores.

Health Canada told Hemp Industry Daily it received 1,104 submissions through an online questionnaire and roughly 60 submissions via email. The consultation period ended last summer.

However, the submissions will not be made public “to respect the privacy of participants in the consultation,” spokeswoman Tammy Jarbeau said.

Next steps

Health Canada said it intends to publish a summary of the feedback it received during the consultation. But the federal health department said it does not know when that will happen exactly.

“The results of this preliminary consultation will help Health Canada to better understand the potential market for these products and to inform the development of a potential regulatory pathway,” Jarbeau said.

Any new regulatory pathway could open up a large market for cannabis health products, including CBD.

After publishing the feedback summary, Health Canada will establish an external scientific advisory committee.

The committee will be tasked with seeking advice on the appropriate level of evidence necessary to prove the safety and efficacy of cannabis health products.

“Following the publication of the summary report and the establishment of the advisory committee, the department will analyze available findings to determine a path forward,” Jarbeau said.

Multiyear process

Trina Fraser, a business lawyer at Ontario-based Brazeau Seller Law and an adviser to cannabis companies, said the upcoming report and advisory committee suggest businesses are looking at a multiyear process to liberalize CBD regulations.

Of particular to the industry, Fraser said she will be looking for answers to:

  • How cannabis health products are defined.
  • Whether more trace amounts of THC will be permitted.
  • How the distribution and sales model looks.

Fraser is also looking for clarity on what health claims could be allowed and how businesses are going to have to prove them to Health Canada.

“I don’t see any way that we couldn’t be looking at a multiyear horizon for these products,” she said.

“We have to create a more sensible way to make, distribute and sell CBD products in this country. They lumped them together in this big umbrella category of cannabis for the purposes of legalization.

“Now we’re beyond that. It’s time to finesse the system.”

Matt Lamers is Marijuana Business Daily’s international editor, based near Toronto. He can be reached at [email protected].

5 comments on “Health Canada readies next steps for ‘cannabis health products’
  1. Roseann Weppler on

    I am so glad that you will be looking into the benefits of the CBD OIL and to the possibility of making it legal. I suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis and most days my pain level is 8 to 10. This would benefit people like myself through health conditions to finally be able to get relief for pain without side effects. If we could have this cbd oil legalized we could carry on a more productive life style and enjoy life.

    • Jeremy Curtis on

      CBD extract in any form originally came from the hemp stock or non, as in, zero thc, and zero chance that the CBD oil that comes from it is completely legal because it’s pure PLACIBO. As in, the only reason anyone at anytime has ever had a hint of relief from anything, solely rests in the belief that it’s going to help. When a Dr. gives you whatever medication, especially any pain related to back pain, arthritis, sore joints, are always going to help if you believe the Dr. Your going to get relief even if it’s a sugar pill because of your belief that it will. So it started out that way and somewhere somehow allowed the actual CANNABIS PLANT, to extract there CBD extract, now making the same claims but this time they have used that loop hole between Thc which comes for Cannabis and CBD that should only be coming out of the male hemp plant with no THC Properties. One of the largest bait and switch scams I have ever witness. So now people that would never consider smoking that horrible pot they have thought of for 80 yrs. They can’t take enough of it in pill form or “MARIJUANA CBD”. Anyone can figure this out through common sense and look up what your actually taking. Now Dr.s have to write a prescription for Marinall, the actual titrated medication that before 2004, health insurance covered that as it’s the only way to create actual hunger. Now that it’s legal, I can no longer afford my medication that has helped me put back on 14 pounds in 3 months. No outlet for OMMP CARD HOLDERS are now treated with no help financially and there are no more medical only stores because of how greedy dispensaries are since there are 60+ dispensaries that just take up space and have to resort to selling super old weed like 2 years old from test date. CBD From hemp is a placebo. CBD from the cannabis plant means your using marijuana to treat all kinds of ailments.

  2. Sharon Searth on

    that is so true to be pain free and have a company that we know it has what it says it has in the products we know we can trust wish i do have faith in please bring our hempworx back so it can help so many that has discomfort

  3. Joy Bowman on

    Cbd oil helped with my fibromyalgia pain. I was getting high quality G.M.P. certified. I was starting to sleep better and feel better. The CBD came from U.S.A. Health Canada stopped shipping across the border and now I am back to suffering again. Please Canada Health help your Canadians ?? Get CBD oil back and shipping across the borders . Everyone can benefit. Thank you ??


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