Indiana retailers given 60 days to take CBD off shelves

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has told retailers they have 60 days to take CBD products off their shelves, but he also said state legislators could craft a new law allowing CBD sales.

The governor’s mixed messages come as the Hoosier State tries to make sense of conflicting policies regarding nonintoxicating cannabidiol, according to WXIN-TV in Indianapolis.

Indiana allows the use of CBD oil to treat epilepsy, but it also bans the sale and production of CBD.

The confusion got worse last week when Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said CBD products are illegal to sell or possess.

Holcomb says Indiana’s Excise Police will issue warnings to retailers during the next 60 days to give them time to remove products containing CBD from store shelves. The governor promised that during the 60-day period, authorities won’t confiscate CBD oil products.

Holcomb added that state lawmakers could solve the confusion.

“The General Assembly will have the opportunity to review existing CBD oil laws, as well as labeling requirements, while no confiscation of products occurs,” Holcomb wrote.

Lawmakers say the CBD turmoil will be a top agenda item when they return to work in January.

“We’ve messed around with this for long enough,” Republican Rep. Jim Lucas told WXIN.


10 comments on “Indiana retailers given 60 days to take CBD off shelves
  1. Morgan Glenn on

    Total BS. Republicans want the medically needy to suffer and then profit off it at outrageous prices. These people are traitors to this democracy and should go live in Russia where they belong.

    • JLM on

      Your comment is “Total BS.” Jim Lucas – a Republican – is proposing legislation to clarify and legalized CBD oil derived from agricultural hemp unequivocally legal. He is stating it will be his first priority when the session begins in January. BTW this is a republic – not a democracy. Look it up.

  2. Mark on

    Indiana, like all other states, needs to wake up and understand that CBD oil from hemp can be a huge boom to agriculture and a whole new industry and source of employment, and taxes
    Hemp extracts can be made with no THC or no more than 0.3% and be considered non-psychogenic and certainly not qualifying as definition of marijuana.
    leave CBD oil on retailer shelves; and, keep the rule in place where a particular compound composition of CBD is approved for use to treat epilepsy.

  3. Gary on

    It never ceases to amaze me how one person in a politically authoritative position can make a decision that has such dire consequences to the well being of others. We all know CBD’s, even from MJ have such low, of any, risk to users. Cigarettes and alchohol are abusive and addictive, yet at NO POINT does any political authority want to make a decision that will save thousands of lives, by taking that off the shelf. I enjoy my Tequila and don’t say this is what should happen, but it proves a point. Due to the fact, big Pharma and Alcohol Corps are not behind the industry, much YET, the Political agendas are not loaded like a double edge sword, rather they are happy to take the stimulus derived from those industries and are not pushing for change. In a nutshell, because it is everyday Business Entrepreneurs building corporation or simply building small business, there is no formidable power protecting them, thus, one single Political Personality can take it upon themselves to make such an adverse decision. What’s their Agenda I would ask, more pointed, who is behind it, whom is the true driving force????

  4. Yogi on

    Good. These “Legal” CBD products are mostly fraudulent. They are made with industrial hemp, loading with pesticides, and often contain zero CBD. They are not medical. They are not tested for potency or safety. It is unfortunate that they are taking them off the shelves due to drug warrior insanity and fear of CBD. They should be taking them off the shelves for the reasons above. The legislature doesn’t even know the difference between real oil and snake oil.

  5. Dr Larry Good on

    This is a matter for education. Education for the lay public, politicians and the physician community. We must insert science and replace hysteria and hyperbole. Responsible stake holders must petition the Indiana state legislature and demand that they understand this unmet medical need.
    Let us create an environment of reason.
    Larry I. Good, MD

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