‘Potential is limitless’: Nevada CBD manufacturer inks nationwide deal with drugstores

A manufacturer making topical pain relievers with hemp-derived CBD plans to distribute its products nationwide through a network of independent drugstores, a deal announced in advance of expected Farm Bill approval by President Donald Trump in coming days.

Leading Edge Pharma of Henderson, Nevada, announced Monday that its Cannavera line of CBD-infused creams, sprays and oils will be sold in some 100 Care Pharmacy stores in 22 states.

The pharmacies are a cooperative and operate under unique names, with locations in California, Maryland, New York and elsewhere.

Leading Edge CEO David Chadwick told Hemp Industry Daily that the Cannavera topicals are already on shelves in network stores in the southeastern U.S.

“After the signing of the Farm Bill … I believe the potential is limitless when it comes to distribution,” Chadwick said.

“Drugstores are a quality, credible location, and from there (CBD) can go just about anywhere.”

The looming Farm Bill would leave CBD products under the regulatory purview of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The agency has said repeatedly that CBD cannot be added to foods or dietary supplements because it is an active ingredient in an approved pharmaceutical drug, Epidiolex.

Chadwick said his company’s topical formulations fall outside the FDA’s ban, but it still intends to seek the ageny’s approval.

“FDA has a big job to do in keeping the public safe, and with that in mind, companies like ours are focused on research … and will take that route of submitting products for approval,” Chadwick said.