New York CBD retailer who received hemp shipment still facing marijuana charges

NYPD hemp, New York CBD retailer who received hemp shipment still facing marijuana charges

A CBD retailer is worried his store could go out of business after the New York Police Department intercepted its most recent shipment of hemp, thinking it was marijuana, and arrested his brother on drug charges.

Oren Levy, the owner of Green Angel CBD in Brooklyn, told Hemp Industry Daily the hemp shipment hasn’t been returned to him and he’s afraid he might not be able to keep his store open until May, when his brother Ronen is scheduled to be arraigned on marijuana charges.

Ronen Levy was arrested Nov. 2 after going to the NYPD’s 75th Precinct station to collect the 106 pounds of plants that were seized during shipping from Vermont hemp producer Fox Holler Farms to Green Angel CBD.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office said last month that Ronen Levy’s felony marijuana possession charge would likely be dismissed during a hearing Dec. 2, but that didn’t happen.

“We went into the courtroom,” Oren Levy said, “and what they did is they gave us another court date: May 29, 2020.”

Every box shipped by Fox Holler Farms contained clear documentation and test results showing undetectable levels of THC, but the police claimed that a field test came back positive for marijuana, Oren Levy said.

The hemp was sent to Green Angel CBD through FedEx, which last month released a statement saying the company network prohibits such shipments and is working to cooperate with law enforcement, according to the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press.

Meanwhile, Heady Vermont, an industry advocacy group, is circulating a petition demanding the NYPD return the hemp shipment.

3 comments on “New York CBD retailer who received hemp shipment still facing marijuana charges
  1. david on

    Until law enforcement stops getting their jollies, busting this legal product, i’ll stay black market. It’s so much safer. Police should be held personally liable for these kind of terror busts. And then fired!

  2. hempman on

    I’d love to see the cops pay a hefty amount plus punitive damages to the guys for their troubles! Put me on the jury and they will pay out the nose.

    • kevin on

      “COPS” never pay for anything, every payout comes for an insurance/bond policy that we the public pay for. Until they can be prosecuted personally this will never change.

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