North Carolina agriculture chief blasts DEA over hemp confusion

North Carolina’s top hemp regulator is sick of interference from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said in a speech at the Southern Farm Show in Raleigh last week that the federal drug agency is not supposed to use any resources to intervene in the growing and processing of hemp, Southeast FarmPress reported.

“That’s the furthest thing from the truth,” Troxler said.

“DEA still considers industrial hemp marijuana, a (Schedule 1) narcotic, and they regulated it that way.”

Troxler said during the speech that state agriculture officials need to demand hemp clarity from Congress, according to Southeast FarmPress.

“It’s almost impossible to operate if this continues going forward,” Troxler said, “so we asked for all of this to be clarified.

“When we get that done, then there is an opportunity for expansion.”

North Carolina had 97 hemp growers spread across 2,000 acres in 2017.

The state expects increased interest this year but doesn’t have a final count on how many plan to produce hemp in 2018.

Troxler pointed out that market potential is especially strong for CBD flower, according to Southeast FarmPress, but said the sale of such products is “pretty much illegal.”

“We can grow hemp legally. We can grow the flowers that go into making CBD oil,” he said.

16 comments on “North Carolina agriculture chief blasts DEA over hemp confusion
  1. Barbara King on

    I hope North Carolina will have Cannabis, I take Hemp, but I know that Cannabis has more THC and that’s what gets rid of pain.

  2. George Bianchini on

    My wife just told me she uses hemp seed oil in cooking sometimes. She real big on the omega’s that hemp’s saturated with.
    So if I start acting like Trump and she turns me in to the DEA, does she get some sort of finders fee? Are we going to need some sort of affirmative hemp defense position? And what is the penalty for such a crime? Is it like, a class 1 felony with the feds mandatory prison terms? Or is more like
    masturba***n, while it’s still a crime in some rust belt states, the penalties are something like 35 cents or 3 for a dollar? Sorry got to go, CNN has breaking news about a possible imposter at the White House.
    Just wondering!

  3. Lawrence Goodwin on

    It seems as though 81 years of federal “marihuana” law have obliterated any logical discussion of cannabis flowers. I’m not about to defend the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) here, but North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler is just plain wrong. True hemp crops DO NOT produce THC, CBD or any other “cannabinoids.”

    Our current elected members of the U.S. Congress are derelict in their duty to repeal the Schedule I “marihuana” fraud, which was enacted by their corrupted predecessors almost 48 years ago. Troxler should use his position to demand immediate action on that egregious obstruction of justice, especially considering the millions of Americans who’ve suffered and died in that time without legal access to the full range of medical cannabis products.

    More than a year ago, DEA bureaucrats made it clear they would exercise the power to ban CBD, too, precisely because it is derived from the same cannabis flowers that, since 1937, the Congress has defined as “marihuana.”

    Troxler, and many others nationwide, should stop hiding behind the 2014 federal Farm Bill, which further confused this public debate by defining “hemp” as cannabis flowers containing less than “0.3 percent THC.” Cannabis is far more complicated than that.

    In scientific terms cannabis plants are “dioecious,” which means they produce two flower types: male and female. The males release pollen, and the females bear seeds. Historically, when farmers grow both flower types together in fields, only those crops are called “hemp.”

    Likewise, only specialized growers know how to separate female flowers so that they do not get pollinated and mature seedless. Reliable sources tell me that only the seedless flowers contain CBD and every other medicinal “cannabinoid.” (Seedless flowers are tended most often indoors. However, due to the rapid spread of hemp farming and a related increase in migrating pollen, it won’t be long before outdoor growers are forced to move indoors.)

    No law or heartless DEA bureaucrat will ever change the miraculous habits of male and female cannabis flowers, according to Mother Nature.

    • Robert Mussen on

      You are right and wrong sir. No hemp does not produce thc, cbd, or any other cannabinoid; because hemp is rope, and not a strain of marijuana. The law made in 1971 is bogus because the terms ate incorrect. However, low thc strains of marijuana produce cannabinoids of which CBD is included. Hope this clears things up.

  4. Christopher Simmons on

    Get rid of these government Agency IDIOTS who have this 1969 Woodstock Cheech and Chong consciousness concerning THC, CBD, and HEMP. The rest of the country and the world knows that Jeff Sessions, the DEA, and the rest of the corrupt senators and congressmen on the Hill are getting “Lobbying Money “ from the likes of Purdue Pharma (makers of OxyContin), to the tune of over $150 Million dollars. The Head if DHS(for drug company lobbyist), hates the very concept of medical marijuana

  5. Christopher Simmons on

    Too much Big Pharma money in the pockets of lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
    DEA’s budget is predicated on keeping a plant that has been here long before any government, illegal. Also what’s strange, is another Kennedy running for political office is “anti-Marijuana, but his family was “PIVOTAL” in the greatest PROHIBITION of the beginning of The 20th Century, i.,e., Alcohol. His family were “Bootleggers”. How hypocritical

    • Christina Fisher on

      I heard that, about hops, too! Hopefully they’ll hurry up and start making Hop Oil, because once the government finds out, the DEA will find a reason to schedule it as a narcotic!

  6. Nicholas Dial on

    If people would just grow real industrial hemp (fiber, grain) and not medical CBD the confusion between industrial hemp and medical marijuana would not exist.

  7. Brett Von Bergen on

    Hey, North Carolina finally getting smart from the SouthEast Farm Press after I blasted them about their misleading articles on Hemp being totally legit and legal along with the CBD that comes with it….which is patently false and misleading hard working farmers in their state. Point of fact: DEA still considers all forms of cannabis/marijuana ILLEGAL and any constituent parts prepared or derived from said plant are also ILLEGAL. Until congress changes this FACT, then NO ONE has any REAL legal protections from growing an illicit crop in their state!

  8. Jason Howard on

    The corruption with scheduling Cannabis is obvious. It is so clearly a scheme to keep people from having access to such a useful plant so others can profit by not having to compete with it. The schedule one is laughable at this point and is just a reminder of how corrupt the government is. With fully legally hemp the price per pound of flower would be less then 50 dollars for so. A pound of good flower can replace several months supply of many different types of medications that would cost hundreds of dollars a month. Plus the food that can be produced and fiber. I regularly eat hemp seed and hemp milk myself and would love to be able to by it from my local farmer!

    DEA = Doing Evil Always

  9. Will D on

    Are any of you aware that the US Government issued itself a patent for the medical use of CBD? How is this possible when it is listed as a Schedule 1 by the DEA? Not to mention that it is a natural substance, hence you cant patent testosterone or heroin. How is it that Epidiolex was approved for medical use in the treatment of epilepsy, yet the active ingredient is also CBD, a Schedule 1? The lack of leadership is apparent.

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