Ohio bans CBD sales outside medical marijuana dispensaries

Ohio health officials have declared that over-the-counter CBD sales in the state are illegal, despite the products’ widespread availability in grocery and health stores.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy said that CBD is legal only from state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, though none has opened yet, according to The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer.

The CBD ruling came after Ohio’s provisional dispensary licensees asked whether they could sell the same CBD products in their stores that are seen on the shelves at health and grocery stores, board spokeswoman Ali Simon told the newspaper.

The answer: No.

“Until dispensaries are operational, no one … may possess or sell CBD oil or other marijuana-related products,” according to the notice.

The CBD order has been sent to all Ohio pharmacists and licensed prescribers, including hospitals, as well as law enforcement and the pharmacy board’s field agents, Simon said.

Ohio approved medical marijuana in 2016, though regulatory delays have meant that MMJ dispensaries may not open until 2019.

It was not immediately clear how Ohio planned to enforce its CBD limit, given the products’ widespread availability.

The attorney general in neighboring Indiana made a similar CBD ruling last year, only to see product seizures put on hold until the state Legislature could adjust the law to allow CBD sales outside dispensaries.

Michigan regulators have also said that CBD products are legal only within the the medical marijuana regulatory framework, a decision that has driven CBD producers out of state.

9 comments on “Ohio bans CBD sales outside medical marijuana dispensaries
    • Kamee on

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Cbd has actual science behind it that helps treat epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, pain management, and so on. Cbd doesn’t have nearly the same amount of terrible side effects like prescription drugs.

    • Bob on

      With all the information available online, news reports and the general media…are you so uninformed that you actually use the term “devil weed”?!? Omg please come out from under your rock, it’s 2018 for gods sake!

    • Dman on

      Can’t believe people didn’t see the sarcasm….loosen up peeps, this still takes cbd out of the of the people that need it. Now its illegal to possess cbd oil of any kind , that is till State approved “dispensaries ” are up and running….

  1. Jessie on

    How can you possibly think CBD, a hemp based product that has ZERO “high” effects in the category of a Schedule I drug? This is just insane! i have personally witnessed people get off of highly addictive pain pills and anxiety meds (such as opiates and benzos) with the help of this non addictive option. CBD is a product that is nearly impossible (if not impossible) to overdose on. With a world that is supposedly so “concerned” about the opiod crisis in Ohio. I live in one of the worst areas in the country for opiod overdoses. My husband saves lives daily as a paramedic, most of which are frequent overdose patients. Why are we worried about CBD when there are much worse things that happening daily that need to be addressed? Apparently because it comes from a plant that everyone is too ignorant to do research on and find that you don’t get high from the whole plant! I mean eggplant is legal, but several companies in the e-liquid world derive their nicotine from these. Clearly the government has it’s own agenda…and its NOT to fix the REAL issues in this world!

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