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Can big and small fish coexist in hemp?

Assuming the U.S. Food and Drug Administration develops health and safety regulations for CBD products, larger hemp companies with more capital may be poised to gobble up mom-and-pop hemp companies to supply big consumer-packaged-goods companies with CBD. In other words, the hemp industry may grow in acreage but contract in participants. For GenCanna, a Kentucky […]

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US hemp map: Regional strengths, weaknesses for the industry

As the hemp industry has grown, a variety of states also have developed in different ways. Here’s a look at how the industry has developed – and what hemp entrepreneurs can look forward to – in the different regions across the country. The Hemp Cradle For years, Colorado led the nation in industrial hemp production […]

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Do’s & don’ts of hemp cultivation

The Farm Bill opens a raft of opportunities for would-be hemp cultivators, including marijuana growers and smaller, traditional crop farmers. But doing it well requires shrewd planning and savvy dealmaking. When mulling a foray into growing hemp, consider the following: Ask for payment up front when making a deal to cultivate on behalf of another […]

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Race is on for hemp companies to raise capital

Now that hemp is a federally legal product, the door is open for large institutional investors to enter the market and pump millions – if not billions – of dollars into hemp and CBD companies. And hemp companies that have relied on private equity or turned to Canada’s public markets to raise capital have new […]

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Landing tax incentives, grants for your hemp business

Savvy hemp entrepreneurs can snag free government dollars that are virtually out of reach for marijuana businesses. And now that the 2018 Farm Bill has become law, an even bigger checkbook awaits in the form of Uncle Sam. “The big money is the USDA,” said Jonathan Miller, a lawyer for the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, a […]

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Despite strong sales outlook for CBD, a flood of uncertainty remains

Entrepreneurs say they’re carried away by the excitement of hemp’s potential. Hemp Industry Daily projects hemp-derived CBD retail sales will surge to as much as $7.5 billion by 2023, up from about $1 billion this year. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs are uncertain where the rush will take them or what the market is going to look like when […]

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Welcome to ‘A New Day’ in hemp

Prohibition is over. Kind of. After decades of being treated like an illegal drug, industrial hemp is legal. It’s a new day for entire cannabis industry, with exciting new opportunities for a global hemp industry free of all the legal and banking troubles of the past. Or not. As the booming hemp industry has already […]

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The Road Forward in Hemp

Those of us who have been actively building cannabis-related businesses since the legal cannabis industry’s earliest days have long understood the potential of the hemp industry. Personally, it’s fascinated me ever since I met a hemp farmer at the very first MJBizCon, which was held in Denver in 2012. It was one of those serendipitous […]

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